Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January 2018 Enhancements Now Live

To continue to improve the CGME application, a significant upgrade is now live that gives all reports (under the REPORTS dropdown in the navigation) a major refresh. 

All reports now include an on-screen PDF view that you can page through using the provide arrows.  You can also search through all the reports using a new Search feature for when you are trying to find something specific.

To help with the transition to the new reports, we have included a link in the top right corner of each report that allows you to access the old reports should you desire.  Just click the link "View Original Screen" and you will be taken to the old reports screen to use until you feel comfortable with the new report format.

You will also notice that we have added a few additional reports - primarily under the Gaming Inventory section. 

Should you identify any issues or have questions on the new reports, please let us know right away.  We welcome your feedback.

Thank you!