Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Making Bingo Easier - New Bingo Audit Screen

As we continue to improve CG Made Easy and expand the number of MN organizations using the application, we find the bingo module to not be as intuitive as we would like.  We therefore reviewed the auditing process and are happy to introduce a new process for documenting bingo sessions which we hope you find to be far easier.

Currently you have the option to audit your bingo sessions in the traditional manner.  But next to each bingo session, you now have an option to select NEW next to each session date.  This takes you to the new bingo audit screen.  From this new screen, it is simple to enter the serial numbers played in the session, as well as enter the audit details.

Any updates you make currently to the new method are applied to the original method and visa versa.  We set it up this way so you can use the next month to become familiar with the new bingo auditing process.  Next month, we'll be terminating the original bingo auditing process and exclusively offer the new audit screen.

We have you agree that this new bingo audit screen is much easier to use.  As always, we welcome your feedback.  Than kyou